Digital Living Space – Branded Animation Video Claimed

Additional Details

    Get a branded animation video for you business. Either you’re in need of a promo video, flash sale or a branded video. You can get one today. Fill out the form with a link to your website. Along with the html color codes used for your branding and the name of the video template you want found here:


    Q Does your video come with sound/music?

    Yes it does, you also has an option for your video to be rendered with no music in case you want to add your own music to the video.

    Q What's the preferable size image of my logo do I need to use this service?

    Preferably 2048 pixels in width and 1080 in height.

    Q Can you add something extra to the video?

    No, what you see is what you get. Some templates you will have the option to change the colors or words. Keep in mind that when you see a few words in the video you should keep your message at the same length to ensure the quality of the video isn't compromised.